SOCIAL, Corporate & promotional video


From idea inception to content delivery, Popsicle Productions work closely with our clients to ensure their brand identity and goals are always at the heart of the work we produce for them. A corporate video is often a customers first touch point with your brand. Always making sure our understanding of your business is water-tight. First impressions count, we pride ourselves on always putting our right foot first.

Website visitors have been shown to spend 88% more time on a website with video and adding to that, 1 minute of video is the equivalent of around 1.8 million words. Suffice to say you can pack in tonnes more information with video than a traditional text document or spreadsheet.

Social & Promotional

Video can never take a one size fits all approach. Video intentionally created for social and your businesses promotional purposes is video worth sharing. Whether your social strategy focuses primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn or your business is ‘Living for the (Insta)gram’ we have the creative expertise and knowhow to work with you to plan your social strategy and distribute content across your networks in a logical and calculated way.


Creative Commerical Campaigns

The key to any successful social marketing campaign is intentional, relevant and frequent content. A scroll down your Facebook feed tells the story of how social media and video content go hand in hand.

The biggest struggle with generating social video content is having a constant stream available to share with your audience. We offer monthly creative commercial campaigns that scale with your business and integrate perfectly with your digital marketing strategy.