product Video

A product video explains and shows off a product's features and best attributes. A lot of product videos tend to emphasise a product's unique features, but one thing that truly differentiates a good product video is its ability to show how it solves problems.

A great product video, as with any video really, should always be long enough to fully explain the product’s benefits and main features but short enough that it doesn’t feel like a chore to watch.

We think a great product video should be short, sweet, to the point and show off the features of the product in a fun and engaging way all whilst remaining brand focused. 

A fantastic product video we produced was for the ‘Nuripod Kickstarter Campaign’. Nuripod Ltd actually ended up pulling the campaign from before it was finished, because they gained substantial funding from elsewhere, they didn’t feel right taking people’s money that they didn’t need - but offered to produce the product and make sure backers of the campaign were the first to receive the Nuripod (now Itsy Blitz) upon release. For more on Nuripod’s transformation to Itsy, please visit our blog here:

We feel at Popsicle we can produce Product videos like no other, with fun and engaging graphics, the correct length to share across social and always making sure to emphasise the best attributes of your particular product.

Whether you’re a product designer, are about to bring a new product to market or are in the development stages we are excited to hear from you about your business, your ventures and of course your products, and for that you can get in touch with us here.

Food Video

The worlds love of cooking programs can be traced all the way back to June 1946 when the dish lobster vol-au-vents was prepared by Philip Harben on the program “Cookery”. In more recent times cooking programs still rack up high ratings but social media videos reign supreme.

When examined food videos rack up twice as many interactions on facebook than the next closes topic!

With the ability to smell or taste through a computer screen not yet arriving viewers are in turn opting to watch the creation of mouth watering dishes. These can feature both restaurant or make at home dishes. This process is being used all across the food sector to drive book sales, increase clicks on the purchase of utensils and help people find new and exciting restaurants to visit.

If your in the food industry Popsicle has the know how to create videos that show just how tasty your food is. This connection helps drive customers to your offering and with the high engagement rates on food videos creates organic reach.


social content

A scroll down your Facebook feed tells the story of how social media and video content go hand in hand. The challenge for any business is creating cost effective content that engages audiences. At Popsicle Productions we have the flexibility and knowledge to create solutions that fit any business. These can range from pay per click video advert campaigns thought to snapchat stories and more.

A great video can’t take a one size fits all approach and social media is the same so before creating anything we take the time to learn both your brand, its voice and most importantly its audience. This authentic approach drives viewer engagement and allows for the most organic return.

Daily Content

One of the big struggle with social content is having a constant stream available to share with your audience. We offer scalable packages that integrate into your current social media schedule that provide content to compliment your message. We provide content on a monthly basis and ensure content is optimised for its intended output.

Don’t have a social media plan!? Don’t worry we can help you create one that will best achieve your goals.

Video Campaigns

Got something you want to world to know about? Social media video campaigns have been used as both a solo campaign method as well to compliment other marketing methods. By integrating social media video into your traditional campaign you are ensuring that viewers that may otherwise miss your message hear you loud and clear.