One of our biggest passions and strengths at Popsicle is video creation for Award Ceremonies and Events. Whether it be a team building day or a busy conference, creating video of the event or for the event we specialise in both and thrive on Events projects.

ways we can support you

Award Ceremonies


Whether it be creating video to show on the night, or video of the actual event itself Popsicle Productions love working on award events. We capture the glitz and glamour of your award ceremony on video and encapsulate your attendees achievements on a visual record. As well as it being a fantastic way to market next years event, videos of the event or the videos that are shown at the event can be passed out to all the businesses involved to create further viral marketing and as a momento for everyone involved. There's no better way to shout about your achievements than to have a video that truly shows them off!

Team Building

Want to shout about your companies fantastic team building? Do it with video. There's truly no better way of explaining the experiences you and your team went through on your team building day than showing it with video.

Launch Parties

Now who doesn't love a good party? Video provides a fantastic way to show off what a great time you provided and was had by all. Launching a new product or service? A launch party video is something great to post out on your social media feed or to be pride of place on your website homepage. It will really help to show the fun and approachable side of your business, whilst helping to give something that the public can relate to.

Conference Video

For attendees of a conference, a video to watch after the event could be a fantastic resource. To watch the guest speaker they just missed, or to relive the product launch they attended. High quality videos of your event provide a great lasting impression on your attendees and exhibitors.