Turns out, working for yourself is more difficult than I thought..

Since starting Popsicle Productions with Matthew Lomax back in 2017 I've been working at Caffe Nero. I was full-time at Nero for well over a year, before taking a step back to further concentrate on Popsicle. 

A lot's happened since then. Matthew's left the company to pursue other things, and with that I decided to quit working at Caffe Nero and take the plunge. To go 'all-in' and concentrate 100% on Popsicle.

I had ideas that 'finally I have time to go to more networking events' (most of our previous clients have been met and introduced to us at networking events) and 'I'm going to have so much more time to focus on searching for work' and honestly it's not been like that at all.

Sure, I know, this is a 'feast' time of year and come January I expect to be well and truly in the midst of 'famine' but for right now this isn't what I expected at all. Honestly it's much better!

I'm chock-full of work at the moment, with shoots and edits coming outta my ears! With all the 'general business admin' I have to take care of along with the 'actual work' I've barely got the time to search for more never mind fit in a social life. I write the occasional proposal and meet with as many contacts as I can in-between jobs but I find doing that sort of thing much harder than when I had a full time job.

So, the point of this article really is when you started out in business what obstacles did you face, and how the hell did you overcome them?

Jack Noon