Is Soundstripe the best royalty free music service ever?

We’ve been using Soundstripe from around 6 months now, and honestly we can say we will never look back.

From our first use we were hooked. After we setup an account we had a custom video sent over by one of the team saying “Hello” introducing themselves, and telling us even more about the service. Any questions we’ve had since or needed help compiling playlists of certain types of tracks for projects, the Soundstripe team have always been really accommodating and done their up most to help - and that’s just the customer service.

The Soundstripe library is updated weekly, and almost every track we’ve chosen to work with has full versions, as well as 15, 30 and 60 second cut downs to get you on your way. It has truly been the service we’ve been searching for for years and revolutionised our workflow. The feature that really brings Soundstripe on top though is this: Unlimited Royalty Free Music.

The only other service we’ve found that truly compares on quality and search-ability of the tracks is Premium Beat. Premium Beat are excellent, when you’re searching for one-off tracks for a one-off project, but anymore than a one-off and you absolutely need Soundstripe. Being able to licence as many tracks as we want for whichever project we like, without ever having to think about it, has been incredible.

Soundstripe Premium

Soundstripe Premium

Back in September they expanded their offering even more in the way of Soundstripe Premium. Not only is their library even more extensive, but now you can get access to Stems and SFX. Just incredible.

If you want to give Soundstripe a go. Check out their website and sign up, I promise you won’t regret it. To sweeten the deal, we’ve even bagged 20% off your first month for you. Just click through here.

Please note: We are in no way affiliated with, nor have we had any endorsements or sponsorship by Soundstripe. All views expressed above are Popsicle Productions Ltd own. We decided to write this blog because we genuinely love the Soundstripe product.