Photos and video content: the perfect match

Full disclaimer: We’re a video company, we make videos for businesses and are not photographers, nor do we (currently) offer this as a service.

Photos taken by Martin Hambleton of Commercial Photography North West © 2019

I ran an event at California Coffee & Wine in Altrincham a little while back now, about how businesses can create videos for themselves for cheap, and even in some cases for free. All the tips and tricks shared were all under the presumption that each person has a smartphone, or physically something they could record on to.

You’ll hear me talking a lot about video, and the power of video is, in my eyes, unparalleled - having said that, people often takes things very literal. If somebody says ‘this is the medium to use’ then in their eyes that’s it and that’s all they’re going to use.

It’s combinations of different media that’s going to get you the best results and help keep things fresh and engaging, and there’s no better pals than a photo and a video. As visual mediums they both compliment each other so, so well and it’s easy to see why.

Each time you share an image or a video online, you must always be asking yourself “Whats the story?” and it’s through posting a video with complimentary photos (or visa versa) that you’re going to tell it the best.

Engaging video content and beautiful photography are both as important as one another, and deciding which is going to work for you entirely depends on the situation - but to pack a serious punch, consider (when time and budget allow) using both.

If you’re running an event, film and take some photos? If you’re having a photoshoot, post a behind the scenes (BTS) video. The opportunities are truly endless, and for further and higher levels of engagement it really is a no brainer.