The importance of video in 2019

Video is the worlds best marketing tool (but we would say that).

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  1. Over 100 million hours of video are consumed on Facebook each day. 85% of those are watched without sound, so take the time to add closed-captions and subtitles to your videos.

  2. Including a video on your website homepage can increase conversion rates by at least 20%.

  3. Consider this next time your email marketing - Video in email leads to an increase of between 200%-300% in click-through rates.

  4. This one is huge - 80% of social media users recall a video ad they’ve viewed in the last month

If you aren’t using video as part of your businesses marketing strategy now is the time to start. From increasing brand awareness to teaching your customers how to best use your product - Video is the best medium to get the word out there!

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the content with best ROI.

The most natural fit, and best place to start with video is by creating content for your website. A video that can sit centre stage, telling your customers what you’re all about from a more personable level.

Take the video, below, for example. We worked with local co-working office, Altspace to create a video that highlights their location and services. Chatting with the owner, Steve and his colleague Rachael, we were able to portray exactly the vision of the space and what the business is all about. With working with other members, customers of the space, we were really able to convey the sense of community and spirit of the space. Conveying the communal feeling clients of Altspace feel would have been infinitely harder to do through the medium of photos and text.

Social Video

The next logical step, in terms of producing video would be to produce for and output to social. 5 billion videos are watched world wide on Youtube every single day, so we know online video content is being consumed more than ever before. We can’t stress enough how important video can be for your business, especially when marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Over 100 million hours of video are consumed on Facebook each day, and 85% of those are consumed without sound. So whether you’re adding music to your video or not (we still suggest you do) you need to be aware of this and make sure to add subtitles or closed-captioning to all video content to get the most bang for your buck from your viewers. In fact, 1200% more shares are generated by social video than photo and text combined.

Your website & E-COMMERCE

Video plays a huge part when shopping online too. It’s been seen that by adding a video to your homepage, conversion rates can increase by at least 20% - and when sending a customer from a search ad to a landing page that includes video, conversions can increase from anywhere up to 80%. We know that after watching a product video online 64% of social media users are more likely to purchase the product. Even for the people who don’t purchase anything, we found this statistic astounding - 80% of social media users recall a video ad they’ve viewed in the last month. A statistic like that proves how much power is in video content creators and businesses hands, and it’s that which brings us neatly on to our next topic: Online Advertising.

Online Advertising

Video ads are everywhere. In fact 4.6 billion video adverts are watched online each year. Marketers who use video enjoy 41% more website visits from search than marketers who don’t. Whether you’re getting ready to watch your new favourite programme on All4 or catching up with your favourite YouTuber, video ads are almost inescapable - and with such prevalence and saturation it’s even more important to get it right when creating one. Luckily for you, we know a guy.