Are you co-working?

Altspace is a co-working office based in Altrincham, South Manchester. They've been going for around 2 years now and more than doubled their original 500sq foot space since then. They offer premium hot desks, private offices and meeting spaces primarily for remote workers and small businesses. 

We met with Steve Upham to learn more about Altspace, to ask 'Is co-working really the future of work?' and even more about Steve himself. 

"We provide a professional work environment that's free of distraction. Co-working is great for offering flexible and affordable options like renting a desk by the day instead of being tied in to lengthy contracts".

He described the 'special ingredient' of co-working being it's social aspect. Tapping in to and meeting the local likeminded business community. Co-working naturally encourages collaboration.

Everything seems to be going well for Altspace, and as well as the hot desks, providing community and copious amounts of coffee what does the future hold, what services would you like to offer?

"I'd love to offer 24/7 Access. People are more and more wanting to work later and more flexible hours, working on weekends etc. We're doing everything we can to implement this within the next 12 months". 

Along with this Steve mentioned a wide array of extra services he'd love to offer if money was no object.

  1. Telephone booths, for added privacy
  2. A games room with Foosball table and ball pit
  3. Creche Facilities
  4. Showers
  5. Bike parking and storage as part of a bicycle ride-in facility
  6. An Altspace app

From our conversation with Steve he well and truly sold co-working to us. What do you want from Co-working, and are you in a co-working space - what does it mean to you?