The power of story for your online content


At the very core we all love great stories. From an early age, our parents read us stories. We begin to read stories ourselves, fact or fiction, they light up our imaginations like nothing else. Story is all around us. Most of us consume, engage and enjoy learning about multiple stories daily. From watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, listening to podcasts on your commute, people are seemingly always engaging with them. It’s experiencing and sharing these stories which is what really connects us as human beings.

Tell your story

The story of you, and your business - it’s this kind-of content that engages audiences and gets people talking. Every business has a story to tell, but many fail when it comes to clearly communicating it. Where was the business formed? What was it that prompted you to setup your business? Telling stories of your hopes and dreams, your struggles and how your business helped to overcome them. It’s these stories that are likely to engage audiences, helping people to resonate further with your brand and begin to trust and connect with you on a more personable level.

Clear purpose and values as a business is what sells

Why should somebody who has never heard of your business or service care about what you do? Tell that person a relatable anecdote or a short story (especially about how your business has helped somebody in a similar situation to what they’re in) and all of sudden they begin to take note.

Laying out your company values and purpose for all to see will leave no room for interpretation. Customers and potential customers will immediately have a very clear understand of who you are as a business and as people, if they want to work with you/be your customer based on that. If your values are inline with theirs, then that’s one more reason for them to interact and connect with your brand.

Story inspires

I’d like to share with you a video I came across this week. There’s a YouTuber called Peter McKinnon. He’s somebody who I hold in a high regard. A very talented photographer and filmmaker.

If you want to be inspired to indulge your passion and follow your dreams then please do watch this video. If not, however, I’ll give you the run down. Peter McKinnon tells the story of how and why he got into photography in the first place, and how he’d seen this photo of a lake in Banff, Canada that inspired him. He goes on to say that he was so committed to getting this “Bucket Shot” (think of it as ticking items from your bucket list) that he would visit the site once a year. The video follows his journey, with narration from McKinnon to fill in the blanks, until he finally manages to get the shot he was after all this time.

The Bucket Shot is a story of sheer passion and excitement for his craft. The most effective and easiest way to convey this level of excitement and passion is only ever gonna be through video. You connect with him as a viewer on a level that photos or written articles never could.

We love helping businesses to tell their stories. If you’re ready to take the leap today, we’re here for you.