5 top social media tips for the hospitality industry


My first job was working in a cafe for £3 per shift. I had worked in the hospitality industry on and off since I was 14, and I always loved it. I really enjoy making coffee, listening to the stories of the regulars and getting to know people. As I’m sure you can tell I hold a great fondness for the workers in the hospitality industry. I understand the trials and tribulations that most face. In fact when we started Popsicle back in 2017 I was still working part-time at Caffe Nero.

Since the £3 days I’ve come along way. Promoting gigs, managing bands, creating music videos. All the way through to working in Television and finally ending up with Popsicle; crafting gorgeous and intelligent videos for businesses. It’s with all of this past knowledge, that I feel I and Popsicle Productions are best suited to dish out these tips. I feel I’ve learnt tonnes of great information along the way, and best practices to promote your cafe/bar, restaurant or even hotel.

Behind the scenes & #shoplocal

For me, one of the best things a hospitality business can do is let the customer ‘peek behind the curtain’. It’s increasingly important to consumers that they know where the produce their consuming is coming from - and a great way to build trust and keep customers coming back is by showing them just that!

Whether you roast your coffee daily or work with a local bakery to get your bread (both of which our friends at California Coffee & Wine do) it’s important to show rather than just tell. Sharing really is caring in this industry and information like this goes a long way to proving that you care about the local economy.

Have fun with holidays

When I worked at an independent coffee shop I always used to have tonnes of fun with this. Anytime there’s a holiday - whether it be Easter, Valentine’s Day or otherwise, have fun with it! Make the majority of your social content for the run up to that event, and on the day, be all about that holiday, That might be creating content of your food covered in chocolate, or surrounded by eggs. Whatever the occasion - the more fun you have with the content creation, the better and more creative you’ll become with it over time - and the more enjoyable the content is to watch the higher engagement and share-ability.

Meet the family

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Products don’t make businesses. People do”. This phrase has never been more true than in hospitality.

Your best and repeat customers visit your hotel, your bar, your cafe because of the people. Sure, they might come back if you do a great sandwich, but introduced to the right people you’ll find them coming back again and again. It was this ethos that sparked our work with Hotel Gotham. They had hired a new general manager who they wanted to introduce to the world. We suggested a video concept inline with their brand identity and goals and viola!

Get Passionate

When looking at what restaurant or coffee shop to go or hotel to stay at, nothing excites me more than to not only see somebodies passion but to feel it!

When somebody is excited their eyes light up, they smile wide and personality spills out everywhere. It’s a joy to witness. It’s this level of excitement that you need your customers to see for themselves. For example, If there’s a dish on the menu that your head chef is extremely proud of, get them to talk about it on video. Having somebodies passion for a service or a product light up your newsfeed won’t go unnoticed. Have them talk about how they created a dish or their favourite sandwich - relatability between viewers and content creators is what starts conversations and, hopefully, drives those almighty shares.

We love working with hotels, restaurants and bars, cafes and coffee shops of all sizes - and if your business is considering upping their social marketing game, then we would love work with you to achieve that goal.