5 top social media tips for the fitness industry


Different industries use social media in different ways. The fitness industry is no different. Here’s our 5 top tips for getting the best out of your social marketing strategy. Let use our friends at Orangetheory Fitness Altrincham as an example.

Live video streaming

Whenever there’s an announcement at Orangetheory Fitness Altrincham they shout about it from the rooftops! Whether it’s about an upcoming workshop, a coach wanting to bestow their words of wisdom or even If there’s a new challenge coming up (such as the currently ongoing Transformation Challenge) then Live Streaming is often the port of call for OTF and it should be for your fitness business too.

OTF often give their social followers pre-warning when something is going to be live-streamed to maximise the amount of viewers. Live Streaming is a fantastic way to shout about a new service, new equipment, or even to give kudos to members of your gym who are ‘Crushing their targets’.

Event updates

As with the Transformation Challenge, mentioned above, updates are shared across multiple social channels. Utilising members feedback, custom graphics, photos and of course, creating videos like this one (below).

As with all forms of online sharing and social media, a clear and concise message is key. When hosting events at your gym or studio making sure everybody who needs know about it, knows about it is vital. Once the event is in full-swing - whether that be a one time event or taking place over weeks and months - it’s imperative to keep your audience as up to date as possible through multiple daily posts, across all channels your business operates, through posting gorgeous photos and graphics and ever-so powerful video content.

Always take note of the three Cs - Clear. Concise. Consistent.

Members-only area

A great way of creating a sense of community and ‘movement’ around your fitness brand is by having a members-only area. A place where members can discuss their goals, trials and tribulations, how they’re finding working out at your gym, the equipment, classes and all of that. This is again, something that OTF are executing extremely well. Creating an exclusive community on social media, by hosting a private facebook group or the like, can really help with your gym members and personal training clients motivation. Seeing others in the community continually hitting their goals and thriving will spur others on. Not to mention the extra level of accountability a group like this provides.

Check it in

Don’t underestimate the power of ‘Check-in’s. As far as organic online ‘word-of-mouth’ growth goes, there’s plenty less powerful than the Check-In. Being able to see your friends have been hitting the gym regularly, are posting regular updates and photos and are actually proud to check-in there goes along way to convincing others to give your gym/studio/service a try . Consider encouraging this type of behaviour with your clients and members through enticing giveaways and raffles.


Don’t be scared to hashtag. No matter which platform you’re posting on these days, hashtags have become the norm. They lend themselves to great visibility, allowing internet users who are searching for particular topics to find what they’re looking for with more ease. Including hashtags as part of your written articles, status updates, tweets and instagram’s post will go leaps and bounds to driving a higher level of visibility.

We love working with personal trainers and fitness brands. If you need a helping hand implementing video into your social marketing strategy then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.