Checking in with an old client, Chris Grunwell of Itsy

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking in with a previous client of ours, Chris Grunwell of Itsy. Itsy make the Itsy Blitz, a handheld and portable baby food blitzer for babies on the go!

When we worked with Chris back in 2016 he was in the very beginning stages of creating his product the Nuripod. Inspired by his first born daughter and the problems he faced trying to make sure she always had access to healthy and nutritious meals wherever they are he decided to create the Nuripod.

Our original video for Chris

We originally created his first video for the product, a video to be used on Kickstarter to help grant him some funding to build and eventually ship the product. Luck was completely on his side, however, as he didn't actually end up having to get funding via Kickstarter, receiving external funding from various sources.

Check out the video above to learn more about Chris, the Itsy Blitz and how he progressed from Nuripod to Itsy Blitz. To learn more about the product or get in touch with Chris or any of the Itsy team please visit