Seamless mobile editing - Adobe Project Rush

Adobe has, this week, announced Project Rush at VidCon in Anaheim, California. 

Project Rush seems to be Adobe’s attempt at combining powerful key features from Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition into one seamless app you can use across all your devices, taking you from production to sharing your video on social media as quickly as possible. 

Why should you care?

 This is huge news for content creators of all types because Rush means that professional multi-layer  NLE style editing can actually, properly, finally work on a mobile device and you can always have your edits with you.

The power this app will bring to the table is bound to be incredible! From the ability to have 4 video tracks, to access and work with your entire Creative Cloud Library and graphics seamlessly on any device the possibilities are I’m sure to be endless.

As with, practically, all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud products it will be integrate Adobe Stock so you’ll always have access to professionally built templates, graphics, stock images and video.

It’s Adobe’s first video editing app that works across Mac, PC, Android and iOS, all staying seamlessly in sync - About time there was a fully fledged editing solution you can trust on mobile.

Still early days for what we know about this offering but It’s looking like it’s primarily aimed at YouTube creators/Vloggers and Influencers. Having said that I can see great potential to professionally use this product for videos we create at Popsicle and a tool businesses can and will be getting their hands on I’m sure.

Adobe are claiming Project Rush will “make editing and sharing online videos fast and easy. It works on all your devices. And it's going to transform the way you create.” and going off their previous record, I don’t doubt it. This app looks incredibly exciting!

I don’t expect to hear or see anymore about Project Rush until Adobe MAX in October but i’ll make sure to keep you all posted 👍🏻

Adobe Premiere Clip

This isn’t Adobe’s first foray into mobile video editing, however, they’ve had Premiere Clip for a while now.

Premiere Clip is a fantastic tool for creating rough cuts, starting to create arrangements or anything else that accelerates your workflow, creating fast minimal edits on the fly - and when you want to tweak or take your edits further, it links up perfectly with Adobe Premiere Pro and even lets you transfer the project straight over to continue on where you left off. 

Premiere Clip is a tool i’ve been recommending for years and will continue to do, until the inevitable, Project Rush surpasses it.