The advantages of Short Form Video

Capture their imagination in an instant

There are tonnes of advantages to using short form video for your business. I’ll start by saying it’s primarily going to be used for, and it’s best case use, social media. The advantage of short-form is that they’re going to be the most easily digestible forms of your video for your audience. They’re quick and easy to watch and immensely easy to share - which in turn draws traffic to your videos, to your social channels and indeed to your business.

As everybody's lives continue to get busier and busier (whether that be personal schedules or the fact that we’re constantly bombarded by media in every direction) and attention spans are continually stretching thin, media creators like ourselves have had to find a way to make sure clients are receiving the most ‘bang for their buck’. With that comes short-form video.


15 seconds is a lifetime

Short form video (we designate it as anything from 5-30 seconds - and frankly, I’d argue 30 seconds is still a lifetime in a fast paced social media environment) is great way to get businesses and content creators to really think outside the box about what’s possible. How to tell a businesses story, a story of their product, their staff or whatever it may be in a, for example, 15 second window.

Most people would think 15 seconds isn’t long enough to truly gain any valuable insight into a business, but anyone who’s tried to make one will surely know on occasions it can be a lifetime.


Gr8r MCR Freeze Pops

In 2017 we created a series of videos under the title of ‘Gr8r MCR Freeze Pops’. This series was used to help highlight what we thought are great businesses throughout the Greater Manchester area. From bars to restaurants, hotels and barbers - we covered a wide range of businesses that we felt (and continue to feel) deserve recognition.

“Working with Popsicle Productions was an absolute pleasure. Very professional and they had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve before they arrived. Just one morning shooting three videos and the results are of exceptional standard & quality. Highly recommended.”

— Simon Badrock, Owner, Burrito Picante

One of these businesses was Burrito Picante, who are based in Altrincham, South Manchester. After much discussion with Simon, the owner of Burrito Picante, about his video needs we landed on creating 3 short 15-20 second videos to use across his social media.

Rather than focus on the shop as a whole and create an expose video to highlight the shop and its placement, as originally proposed, we decided to instead focus in on three key staples of the menu. Their tacos 🌮 burritos 🌯 and their Guacamole 🥑 . Now strictly speaking I understand Guac isn't a meal in itself, but for the sheer awesomeness that Avocado’s are I’m upgrading it to a meal for the sake of this post.

Thanks to the power of these videos they helped drive traffic to Burrito Picante’s social channels, through shares, likes and retweets, and a great many more people through door.