Remote Working

At Popsicle, we’re advocates of remote working. We have to be. Given the range of clients we have and the tight deadlines we often face, we have to be able to work on and deliver a video from almost anywhere.

Throughout my years working as a freelance editor and even more-so since starting Popsicle I’ve been able to take advantage of the sheer pleasure that remote working can bring.

Remote working allows you the freedom to travel



Essentially the only things you need as a freelance editor (and I’m sure this very small list works for many, many other professions) are a laptop and an internet connection, that’s it! Remote working opens endless possibilities and enables you to work with anyone in any timezone, whenever you want. Speaking of internet connection, that’s definitely a kicker. Depending on what you’re doing, especially with file transfer, you really need a solid internet connection. Luckily for us remote working allows you the freedom to simply up and move your position, either in the same building or elsewhere to make sure you always have the best connection possible.

There’s something incredibly liberating about editing from a hostel in New Zealand whilst your client’s in an office in the UK - but I’ve done just that!

Zip World

Although all of our work, specifically in the post production stages, often incorporate remote working, our most recent client that allowed for entirely true remote working was North Wales’ premier tourist destination Zip World. We were hired by Zip World to edit and deliver a series of videos for their social media channels to help promote their Black Friday Deals and Christmas Gift Cards.

I advocate working from where you feel most creative. As with the Zip World job, I often found that to be from a coffee shop or even public transport.

You can view one of the videos I edited for them here.

Remote working allows you to work on your terms

An incredible benefit of remote working is utilising our worlds different time zones and hemispheres for your companies benefit.

What I mean by that is this: Imagine it’s rearing up to the end of your working day, but you know you still have a tonne of admin to sort out by the morning. By working with another company/freelancer in Australia/New Zealand or even Asia you’ll be safe in the knowledge that by the time you get back into work (providing you have expressed the urgency of the work to who ever your hiring) you’ll have all your admin all completed and ready and go sitting in your inbox.

A resource that’s provided a tonne of value for me is Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week and it’s from this book that I learnt all about the world of outsourcing, virtual assistants and the like. It’s really a worthwhile read.

We work remotely all the time, in fact we don’t even have an office. Matthew and I are almost always working in different locations from one another and I feel even when the day comes that we do have an office that’s still going to be a big part of how we get things done at Popsicle.

So tell me, what are you remote working experiences like?