5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video

We’ve pulled this weeks blog from the archives. I originally had this blog published on the freelancing platform ‘PeoplePerHour.com’ in July 2017. Even with the video, film and media industries moving as fast as they do we feel the value of this article is still super relevant and is absolutely worth your time.

A video makes you relatable

Let’s pretend you’re the owner of a new Pizzeria: Ginos. You’ve recently opened and are not getting as many customers through the door as you had first hoped. What’s to stop people from visiting the other Pizzeria that’s been in their town for the past 5 years?

Your produce is better. Your waiting staff, front-of-house: they’re all better – but people like to know what to expect. Through video, you’re able to show your customers what an experience at Gino’s is like, highlighting the best your restaurant has to offer.

A video will not only show the personality of the owner or your staff but will work as a medium to show off how staples on the menu get created. From kneading the dough, to out of the oven. Why not take the viewer through each and every process, showing them exactly what they’re missing out on?

Perhaps take them behind the scenes, into the kitchen to meet the chef? After watching the video people will feel like they know you and your brand more personally.

Which in turn makes the restaurant more appealing to them.


A video helps increase the understanding of your products

A high-quality video provides a great way for your customers to quickly understand you. With better understanding comes higher confidence, and with a higher level of confidence, your customer will be more likely make a purchase from you.

Video’s a time saver

Video is the most efficient way of delivering your message in a short space of time. Remember Gino’s? You could post a how-to video, outlining every step to create the perfect pasta sauce.

All your videos don’t need to be sales driven either; create a video about all the Charity work you do as a company, or let the world know how they can donate to causes your head waitress may raise money for. Give your customers people and actions to relate to.

64% of businesses who use video believe that it has directly led to increased sales.
— Wyzowl

Videos are easy to share

A great looking video has the potential to reach millions online. With websites like Facebook and YouTube, with ever increasing video plays every day there’s never been a better time to spread the word of your brand and its message. These websites even make it easy for you, and your customers, to spread the word for free.

With great video, comes greater searchability

Google loves video, there’s no denying it. People want answers quickly. If you can convey your brand’s message in a short, sweet and visually engaging video, people are not only more likely to listen, they’re also more likely to engage and trust you and your brand.